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#071 Chris Kerston about building the world’s first regenerative wool supply chain

Chris Kerston Savory Institute Wool Academy Podcast

Chris Kerston is the Market Engagement and Public Outreach at the Savory Institute. In this episode, Chris introduces us to Allan Savory and the work of the Savory Institute. Chris explains how desertification happens and what role sheep and wool play to reverse desertification. You also get to learn details about the Land to Market certification scheme Chris and his team are working on to build a regenerative supply chain.

About Christ Kerston

Chris Kerston has dedicated his life to helping connect innovative ranchers and farmers with progressive brands in ways that create true synergistic value for both sides. Chris managed ranches and farms full time for nearly 15 years before joining the Savory Institute. In that time, he developed thriving and profitable markets for a number of different niche products. He has a longstanding passion for regenerative agricultural and a strong desire to contribute to better systems that meet the consumer’s wants and needs. Chris also utilizes innovative media production in concert with traditional marketing techniques to help ranchers share their stories and build long-lasting relationships with partners based upon common goals.

Connect with Christ Kerston here

Allan Savory Institute website

Land to Market information

Ted Talk of Allan Savory

Storytelling of Land to Market

Chris Kerston’s profile 

The Savory Institute on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter


Key Time Stamps

[spp-timestamp time=”00:35″] About Chris Kerston

[spp-timestamp time=”04:18″] About Allan Savory, Holistic Management and the Savory Institute

[spp-timestamp time=”15:36″] The connection between desertification and climate change

[spp-timestamp time=”22:40″] Connection of sheep and wool in regards to reversing desertification

[spp-timestamp time=”26:38″] About Land to Market Programme

[spp-timestamp time=”35:49″] Why do we need another label?

[spp-timestamp time=”43:35″] How can agriculture and consumers move closer together?

[spp-timestamp time=”49:29″] How to tell a story for wool


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About the author, Elisabeth

Elisabeth is the founder and host of the Wool Academy Podcast. She also runs her own consulting business where she supports wool industry businesses with strategic communications and project management.
Elisabeth used to work as the Secretary General for the International Wool Textile Organisation where she developed her passion for wool and the wool industry. Her previous education and work experience equipped her also with a broad set of communications skills.

Elisabeth vision is to see the wool industry thrive which is why she supports wool industry businesses communicate successfully.

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