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Hi! I am your Wool Communicator & Project Accelerator.

About the Wool Academy Podcast


Once a week we talk to an industry expert from the wool supply chain - from farm to fashion and beyond - delivering strategies and insights to be successful in wool - all just on the touch of a play button.

At Wool Academy we:

  • Explore wool marketing and communications strategies that are working right now
  • Give insights into the latest wool research
  • Help better understand consumer trends
  • Explain wool's properties and how to make use of it
  • Identify wool's environmental credentials
  • Tell the beautiful background stories the wool industry has to offer

The wool industry is fascinating and the people working in wool are the most passionate people you can find offering interesting stories yet to be told!
With this Podcast, we want to contribute to the success of the industry by making wool knowledge easily accessible in a different style and format.


Image by Corey Blaz