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Hi! I am your Wool Communicator & Project Accelerator.

Here you is an overview of all Wool Academy Podcast episodes

#001: Rikki Beier talks about her wool baby wear start-up Ikki Small But Brave
#002: UK wool grower Lesley Prior talks about the success she achieved through engagement along the supply chain
#003: Tone Skardal Tobiasson talks about wool’s opportunities in the quest against fast fashion
#004: Peter Ackroyd on how buying wool products is an investment with a return on capital
#005: Mac Bishop shares his insights about starting Wool & Prince
#006: Andy Caughey about how his Armadillo Merino shirts went to space
#007: Jo Dawson on restructuring his wool family business for the future
#008: Chris Tattersall about selling a better night’s sleep with wool
#009: Rob Langtry on strategic communications
#010: Rob Langtry on social media for the wool industry
#011: Roy Kettlewell explains how finishing processes bring out the best in wool
#012: Galina Witting about wool shoe startup Baabuk
#013: Malcolm Campbell about how textile education is crucial for the future of the wool industry
#014: Monica Ebert on how to advance your career through the IWTO Young Professionals program
#015: Beverley Henry explains wool's Life Cycle Assessment
#016: Chris Wilcox explains the dynamics of the wool market
#017: Angus Ireland about the latest wool research
#018: Geoff Kingwill About Wool Growing in the Semi-desert
#019: Kjersti Kviseth about circular economy for textiles
#020: Dalena White introduces the work of IWTO
#021: Philip Attard About Creating the Gostwyck Merino Brand
#022: Terry Townsend rectifies fake facts about growing natural fibres
#023: Goetz Giebel on today’s challenges of yarn production and supply chain traceability
#024: Ari Kuchar on telling wool stories through video
#025: Jen Hunter is educating consumery by giving them the real farm experience
#026: Debbie Luffman shares Finisterre's unique wool story
#027: IWTO Planet Wool Special
#028: Pedro Otegui about the wool industry in Uruguay
#029: Robert Ryan about the Australian wool industry
#030: Ingun Klepp on how consumer research reveals new business opportunties
#031: Jonathan Dyson about the growing desire of consumers to know the story behind a product
#032: Jonas Sanders about his merino wool only shop called Wollmeister Berlin
#033: Philippa Wright always brings on a new perspective to be successful in wool
#034: Louis de Beer about the South African wool industry and communal farming
#035: Michael Jackson from AWTA talks about wool testing
#036: Dave Maslen about giving consumers a great wool experience
#037: Richard Halliday explains how a merino stud operation works
#038: Francesco Botto Poala takes us behind the scenes of Reda 1865
#039: David Michell on building synergies by running two different wool businesses
#040: Lorna tells the wool story successfully at Alternative Flooring
#041: How wool improves indoor air quality
#042: Don Macdonald about growing wool in the Australian Outback
#043: Silvia Gambi about wool recycling in Prato
#044: Rita Kourlis Samuelson about the American Sheep Industry
#045: Willy Gallia about growing organic wool in the wilderness of Patagonia
#046: Janne Strommen about wool's important role at Devold of Norway
#047: Nick Armentrout about the all American wool supply chain at Ramblers Way
#048: Repost - Mac Bishop from Wool & Prince
#049: Dr. Beverley Henry about Wool Life Cycle Assessment
#050: Claudia Weiss about Don Baez Eco Chic
#051: Steve Ranford about wool research
#052: Gaspard Tiné-Berès about founding Lasso Shoes successfully
#053: Isak Staats about how to efficiently handle 32 million kg of wool per year Edit
#054: Stephen Russell about the textile recycling industry and market
#055: Ben Watts about how automation is helping wool growers on farm
#056: Victor Chesky is connecting the wool industry with his publications
#057: Andrew Cuccurullo is repositioning the Waverley Mills wool blanket
#058: Chantel McAlister tells the truth about wool
#059: Cobus Oosthuizen put wool to test during a 250 km desert race
#060: Geoff Kingwill About Wool Growing in the Semi-desert
#061: Louis de Beer about the South African wool industry and communal farming
#062: Luke Hooke about wearing only wool for one year
#063: Kurt Haselwander about the fascinating world of spinning wool
#064: Nora Kuehner explains the key trends for wool
#065: Piercarlo Zedda explains how nothing gets wasted in the wool supply chain
#066: Morten Dilling about selling wool underwear online
#067: Marion Tviland about the Norwegian wool industry
#068: Chad North about launching a woolkerchief
#069: David Mitchell about getting Australian wool from farm to harbour
#070: Mark Grave about the services of the Australian Wool Exchange
#071: Chris Kerston about building the world's first regenerative wool supply chain
#072: Matthias Boehme about key markets for wool
#073: Tove Grane about her label We Norwegians
#074: Peter Ackroyd on how buying wool products is an investment with a return on capital
#075: Ingun Klepp on how consumer research reveals new business opportunities for wool Edit
#076: Stephen Wiedemann about Wool Life Cycle Assessment Edit