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Hi! I am your Wool Communicator & Project Accelerator.

Who is behind Wool Academy?

Elisabeth van Delden

Elisabeth van Delden

Founder and Host of the Wool Academy Podcast

I love wool and the wool industry and as you are checking out the Wool Academy podcast you might feel the same about wool. The Wool Academy podcast is my way of sharing my passion and dedicating my knowledge and skills to the industry. Through the topics we discuss in each Wool Academy episode I hope that you get valuable information that will inspire you to do great things wool or not wool related.

And to be honest launching the Wool Academy podcast is also a bit selfish of myself. My goal is to launch my own wool products one day. When looking at this goal, I realised that there is still so much to learn and know about. So I thought, why not ask the experts directly about all there is to know about wool and the wool industry and share it with you as well.

Before creating the Wool Academy podcast, I served the wool industry for 5 years as the Secretary General of the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) based in Brussels, Belgium. During my time at IWTO I gained deep understanding of the wool industry by working together with wool industry leaders on joint topics of concern.

In my role as Secretary General, I also had the chance to develop a large international network within the international wool textile community, a nice asset to have when you want to invite these exact experts to your podcast (see how it all falls into place?).

Before joining the wool industry I worked for three years at a leading international PR agency as a corporate communications and public relations consultant helping large international consumer goods retailers develop and implement their corporate communications strategies. In 2009, I went back to university, to do my second Master Degree in Strategic Fashion Marketing at the London College of Fashion. That is where I met Priyanka, my partner in crime (read below).

In 2016, I ventured into being an entrepreneur applying my skills to wool and communications related projects by consulting and working together with other members of the industry.

Priyanka Kapoor

Priyanka Kapoor

Show Coordinator of the Wool Academy Podcast

Did you just think that you might be in the wrong place because you are not as crazy about wool as Elisabeth? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Wool is great, but to be honest, there are also other great fibres. However, there is something special about wool, I do have to admit.

After working for 8 years in the field of manufacturing and marketing of fashion products I had the chance to get to know the wool industry. Through my work at the International Wool Textile Industry, I learned to value wool as a wonderful fibre for beautiful textile products. Today I am a mompreneur with little time and many ideas for great textile products where wool also has an important role to play.

With my background in working with fashion designers and manufacturers I know how difficult it is to get good information about fibres like wool and how important it is to learn from others to start and run your business. But the world is changing and with today’s social media and online tools it no longer needs to be difficult to get the information you need to be successful in the fashion industry. That is what motivated me to support the Wool Academy podcast. Wool Academy is the opportunity to learn and develop in order for all of us to reach our full potential and design and create valuable textile products.