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#032: Jonas Sanders about his ‘merino wool only’ shop called Wollmeister Berlin

Wollmeister Berlin Jonas Sanders Wool Academy Guest

Jonas Sanders opened his merino wool only shop in May 2016 under the name Wollmeister Berlin. In his shop, Jonas is only selling a small number of merino wool fashion brands. With his long experience in retail, Jonas takes care to offer brands that not only perform well but also look stylish.

In this Wool Academy podcast episode, Jonas talks about how he came up with the idea to start his merino wool only shop after a visit to New Zealand. He also shares insights about his customers and how he creates new wool fans one by one.

About Jonas Sanders

Coming from a long line of textile engineers, Jonas has inherited an interest in quality and comfort in fabrics. After his postgraduate studies as sports specialist, Jonas managed for over ten years different fashion and outdoor shops. This experience allowed Jonas to study the advantages and disadvantages of synthetic materials. At the same time, he began to discover the versatility of wool.

After a visit to merino wool brands in New Zealand, Jonas decided to launch the first merino concept store in Berlin under the name Wollmeister. In his shop, Jonas is selling clothes exclusively made of merino wool – not just for sports, but also for every other occasion. Jonas takes care to select the most interesting and stylish products from a variety of labels such as Formal Friday, Funktion+Schnitt, Mons Royale, Pally Hi, Finisterre, Houdini and many more. All of the brands he sells use mulesing-free wool and most labels manufacture in Europe. In 2017 Wollmeister Berlin celebrated its first anniversary.


Connect with Jonas here

Wollmeister Berlin website

Wollmeister Berlin on Instagram and Facebook


Overview of the interview with Jonas Sanders

[spp-timestamp time=”0:51″] About Wollmeister Berlin
[spp-timestamp time=”05:05″] About Jonas Sanders and how he came up with the idea for Wollmeister Berlin
[spp-timestamp time=”07:19″] The decision to make Wollmeister a brick and mortar shop and not an online shop.
[spp-timestamp time=”08:57″] How the city of Berlin is important for the Wollmeister shop
[spp-timestamp time=”12:43″] What does the typical customer of Wollmeister Berlin look like
[spp-timestamp time=”13:50″] How much does a Wollmeister customer know about wool?
[spp-timestamp time=”14:55″] Wollmeister Berlin customers are returning customers
[spp-timestamp time=”15:50″] What do customers ask?
[spp-timestamp time=”17:00″] How is Wollmeister Berlin using Social Media
[spp-timestamp time=”18:39″] Experiencing wool, where it comes from, is vital for business owners down the supply chain.
[spp-timestamp time=”20:39″] The disconnect between the clothes we wear and the fibre.
[spp-timestamp time=”21:37″] Wollmeister’s biggest challenge during the launch phase.
[spp-timestamp time=”22:50″] Sourcing of merino wool brands
[spp-timestamp time=”24:35″] Future plans for Woolmeister

About the author, Elisabeth

Elisabeth is the founder and host of the Wool Academy Podcast. She also runs her own consulting business where she supports wool industry businesses with strategic communications and project management.
Elisabeth used to work as the Secretary General for the International Wool Textile Organisation where she developed her passion for wool and the wool industry. Her previous education and work experience equipped her also with a broad set of communications skills.

Elisabeth vision is to see the wool industry thrive which is why she supports wool industry businesses communicate successfully.

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