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#017: Angus Ireland about the latest wool research

Angus Ireland Wool Academy Podcast 017

Research insights on how wool helps improve eczema

In this episode, Angus Ireland from the Woolmark Company,  speaks about the latest research happening in the area of health and wellness as well as wool’s environmental credentials. Angus talks about how super fine wool next to skin products improve the skin health of people suffering from eczema and how this will apply itself to the market. Another topic Angus shares is the work on wool’s environmental credentials.

About Angus Ireland

Angus is the Program Manager – Fibre Advocacy and Eco Credentials for Australian Wool Innovation Limited.
From the NSW tablelands, he studied Wool and Pastoral Science at the University of NSW and completed a Post Graduate Diploma of Business at Deakin University. Angus has considerable experience in raw wool specification and management of wool research and testing operations. He has contributed to the development of automated wool sampling and testing instrumentation for characteristics including, staple length, staple strength, dark fibre, colour, diameter variability and yield.
Angus’ current focus is on extending the scientific basis for wool’s wellness and environmental attributes, including support for new product categories. These activities largely involve partnering with research institutions in Australia and overseas in the conduct of specialist human wellness research, environmental research, and in facilitating international advocacy activities through organisations such as IWTO.
Prior to employment with AWI, Angus worked in a variety of research and operational roles at the Australian Wool Testing Authority Ltd.


Connect with Angus Ireland here

The Woolmark Company

Australian Wool Innovation

IWTO Health and Wellness

IWTO Environment


Key Timestamps

[spp-timestamp time=”01:24″] About Angus Ireland
[spp-timestamp time=”01:56″] Angus’ work
[spp-timestamp time=”02:23″] Why it is important to do research on wool’s health and wellness properties and environmental credentials
[spp-timestamp time=”03:08″] More insights about wool’s health and wellness benefits
[spp-timestamp time=”03:58″] Research results in skin health area
[spp-timestamp time=”05:30″] Reasons why there is a larger percentage of people suffering from eczema
[spp-timestamp time=”06:37″] Insights in sleep research with wool.
[spp-timestamp time=”07:48″] Impact of research results on product development and Marketing
[spp-timestamp time=”09:46″] Growth markets for wool
[spp-timestamp time=”10:47″] Specification for next to skin garments
[spp-timestamp time=”12:39″] Research on eco credentials
[spp-timestamp time=”13:50″] Importance of accounting for the full environmental footprint of wool
[spp-timestamp time=”15:54″] Industry can support ongoing research through IWTO.

About the author, Elisabeth

Elisabeth is the founder and host of the Wool Academy Podcast. She also runs her own consulting business where she supports wool industry businesses with strategic communications and project management.
Elisabeth used to work as the Secretary General for the International Wool Textile Organisation where she developed her passion for wool and the wool industry. Her previous education and work experience equipped her also with a broad set of communications skills.

Elisabeth vision is to see the wool industry thrive which is why she supports wool industry businesses communicate successfully.

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