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Create social media posts in an instant with Relaythat

How to use Relaythat

Learn how to use RelayThat to create social media posts for your wool business

In the age of online and social media the need for digital graphics has increased in business. Our websites need modern and fresh looking graphics and our social media accounts require a good looking header, your youtube videos want professional thumbnails and each and every platform asks for a different format. The square photo for facebook and instagram does not work on LinkedIn or Pinterest. Professional looking social media channels as well as professional looking social media posts perform better which brings more traffic to our website. While your graphic agency can help you design your different posts and assets, there is also a very cool little tool that you can use. It is called Relaythat.

Relaythat is an online app that lets you upload your images and texts and in an instant create over 1000 different graphics for you to choose from. And you don’t need any design skills for it.

Let’s say you want to publish a new post on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn account and also want to upload the news on your website. That means you need a square post for Facebook and Instagram, a vertical post for Twitter, a slightly larger vertical post for LinkedIn and something else that fits your website design. So a total of 4 different layouts. With Relaythat you can create those in less than 5 minutes. Watch this little video on how I did it.

Step 1: Open up Relaythat and start a new project

The program let’s you manage many different projects and switch easily inbetween the two. You can copy old projects and adapt them or start from scratch.

Step 2: Upload the images and your logo

To start, upload the portrait photos, background images and logos you wish to use in your layouts. Some layouts may require multiple photos while others just need one or two, depending on what you are going for.

Step 3: Type in your title and website

There are pre-set forms where you enter your post title, website url, name and business or anything else that needs to go onto a specific design.

Step 4: Choose the design you like

Once your uploaded and typed in all the content you need, you can start browsing the designs to see what you like. They are sorted by size and purpose. If you need a square post for Facebook you can just browse all square layouts. If you need a book cover or youtube thumbnail, you can set the search criteria accordingly.

Step 5: Adjust any images if needed

Depending on the type of images you have uploaded you may want to make some adjustments, like zooming in, turning the photo from colour to black and white. That is all possible in Relaythat.

Step 6: Choose the font you like best

The program also let’s you choose from a wide set of fonts to give your post an more individual look. If you want to upload your own font you need to opt for the

Step 7: Choose the colour you like

You can also adjust the colour of the font as well as the colour of any other graphical elements like background boxes or lines.

Step 8: Download your first post

Once you are happy with everything you can download your design in PNG (ideal for social media) or JPG format directly to your computer and save and name it.

Step 9: Choose your other style you like, adjust and download

As we have only downloaded one design so far, you can continue picking the next style for a different social media platform. Make adjustments where needed e.g. sometimes the portrait photo needs to be adjusted or another layout asks for more images or text. Once done you can download this file as well and continue as you need to.

The tool is super easy to use and you need to design skills, you merely fill in the blanks and let the tool create the designs automatically for you.

The price is 25 Dollars per month unless you go for an annual plan, which brings it down to US$ 197.

If you post regularly, make sure you update your social media channels regularly and take care to update your website on a regular basis, then you will make good use of this tool.
I for sure use it every week for my 2 different sets of podcast posts, social media posts for my blog posts and other side projects. Find out more about Relaythat by visiting the website.

About the author, Elisabeth

Elisabeth is the founder and host of the Wool Academy Podcast. She also runs her own consulting business where she supports wool industry businesses with strategic communications and project management.
Elisabeth used to work as the Secretary General for the International Wool Textile Organisation where she developed her passion for wool and the wool industry. Her previous education and work experience equipped her also with a broad set of communications skills.

Elisabeth vision is to see the wool industry thrive which is why she supports wool industry businesses communicate successfully.

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