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Why you need a new website for your wool business

New Website Wool Academy Blog Post Photo Source jens-kreuter-58481

18 reasons to help you decide if you need a new website A few wool industry companies have recently launched a new website such as American Wool, British Wool, Federation of Australian Wool Organisations, Fuhrmann, Segard Masurel, Südwolle Group, The Schneider Group. This made me think of my own website and if it was time to…

How to benefit from the Facebook See First feature

Facebook See First Blog Post Image source Unsplash by artist alejandro-escamilla-1

Learn what is the Facebook See First feature and how to use it The other day I realised that I have not seen any recent updates from certain wool industry companies and associations that I find important to follow in my Facebook feed. I found that odd because I knew that they usually post regularly.…