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Death by PowerPoint – 7 mistakes to avoid in your presentation

Death by PowerPoint Blog Post. Photo Source: Unsplash mikael-kristenson-242070

The 7 deadly PowerPoint mistakes that kill your presentation’s message We have all experienced them – these badly prepared presentations at seminars and conferences that just don’t get their message across and only achieve the opposite of making us stop listening. I usually call it death by PowerPoint. I have sat through many seminars and…

How to get more out of Skype in 7 easy steps

How to get more out of Skype by Elisabeth van Delden

Have better conversations and more productive meetings on Skype Working in the wool industry means working on a global scale with colleagues and customers all around the world. Services like Skype have helped us connect, see and talk to each other despite the distance. I personally don’t want to miss Skype and cannot imagine what…