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What the Facebook Algorithm Change Means for Your Wool Business

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash Facebook Algorithm Change 2018 Blog Post Wool Academy

Learn how to adapt your strategy to the new Facebook Algorithm Change On 11 January 2018, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced major changes to the newsfeed algorithm. I remember the day because I was surprised that this announcement of a Facebook Algorithm Change made the German news. Now I understand why it made the…

Interview with Klaus Steger CEO at the Südwolle Group

Klaus Steger CEO Südwolle Group at Wool Academy Blog

As you know, I typically interview members from the wool industry on my Wool Academy Podcast. Klaus Steger and I also recorded our interview with the podcast in mind. However, technology let us down that day leading to a bad audio quality that sounded as if heavy monsoon was coming down in the background. So…

Microplastics – The danger of very little things


Microplastics was one of the key topics being discussed at the IWTO Wool Round Table ono 7-8 December 2017 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. There were two aspects discussed in particular. On the one hand, the wool industry needs to undertake research on how wool sheds during washing and how these microfibres then biodegrade in…

Wool storytelling – wool is not the hero but the guide

Wool Storytelling Wool Academy Blog

Why we need to tell our wool stories differently Everyone loves a good story. Stories captivate us. Stories can keep us at the edge of our seat, make us laugh out loud or provoke tears rolling down our cheeks. Stories can transmit knowledge from generation to generation. Hollywood and Bollywood are industry sectors entirely built…

What the latest Facebook Algorithm means for your business page

Facebook Algorithm Wool Academy Blog

Understand the latest changes to the Facebook algorithm to be more successful on Facebook At the beginning of November 2017, Facebook published its latest figures along with its guidelines for the latest Facebook algorithm. Let’s first talk about the recent user numbers of Facebook before we dive into the algorithm. For Q3 2017, Facebook counted…

Create social media posts in an instant with Relaythat

How to use Relaythat

Learn how to use RelayThat to create social media posts for your wool business In the age of online and social media the need for digital graphics has increased in business. Our websites need modern and fresh looking graphics and our social media accounts require a good looking header, your youtube videos want professional thumbnails…

How to develop a new logo for your wool industry business

99designs blog post by Elisabeth van Delden

Create a beautiful logo with 99designs Above you see my logo that represents my business of helping wool industry businesses with their online and social media communications. Do you like it? I had this logo developed through the online platform called 99designs and was very happy with the whole process and outcome. In this blog…

Best Online Image Libraries for Free Sheep Photos

Blog post on free sheep photos

How to find the best free sheep photos for your social media and website We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. To communicate effectively on our wool related websites, blogs and social media you rely on good quality images. If you don’t happen to have your own images available, you can…

How Wool Products are Kicking It on Kickstarter

Blog post about wool products on Kickstarter by Elisabeth van Delden Photo Source: Markus Spiske 135768 bia unsplash

Learn how to launch your wool product on Kickstarter The other day I did a little research on how to find funding for a new wool product. One option I looked into was the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. I wanted to better understand if this could be an avenue for wool products to raise funding. I…