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#102 Luke Hooke about his one year of wool experience

Luke Hooke Year of Wool

Over the course of one year, Luke Hooke wore only wool, documenting his journey as his Year of Wool. In this podcast interview, Luke reflects on his experience during the last 12 months.

About Luke Hooke

Luke Hooke is the young Australian behind Year of Wool, a project promoting wool clothing and the wool industry. For 365 days Luke wore only wool and wool blend clothing to demonstrate the versatility and incredible natural qualities of wool and wool clothing. Having grown up on a wool growing farm in Victoria, Australia, Luke explored post-farm-gate part of the wool industry, promoting the wonderful fibre that is wool while also learning more about the industry.

Connect with Luke Hooke here

Year of Wool website

Year of Wool on Instagram

Year of Wool on Facebook


Key Time Stamps

[01:23] About Luke Hooke

[02:41] About Luke’s experience of wearing wool for one year

[04:10] Companies visited by Luke

[09:13] Wearing wool in summer vs. winter

[10:48] Unexpected lessons from the year of wool

[13:18] Feedback for wool brands

[14:35] When Luke did not wear wool

[15:30] Did anyone join Luke in his year of wool?

[16:17] Did Luke find a wool belt?

[17:13] Did wool include wool in his interiors?

[18:45] Opportunities for the wool industry

[21:28] What will Luke do once his year of wool is finished?



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