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#097 James Braszell about life as a shearer and photographer

James Braszell Photography at Wool Academy Podcast

James Braszell is a full-time shearer based in Australia. James found a creative way of sharing his passion for his work and life in the shearing sheds through his photography. Every day while shearing, James captures unique moments of life in the shearing shed.

In his Wool Academy Podcast interview, James shares insights into the work and life as a shearer and how he developed his second career as a photographer.

About James Braszell

In 2013, James Braszell, started working full time in rural Australia as a rouseabout. He wasn’t long into his time in the woolsheds when he realised it would be worth getting a camera and capturing the unique scenes he found around me every day. The people, the places, the animals and even the dirt and the dust – there was so much to capture everywhere he went! That was how James started his photography business.

Years later and his passion for the job has now only grown and he is now shearing full time. His photography has taken him all over the country and into countless woolsheds and farms where he has met many wonderful people on the way and snapped thousands of photos.


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Photography website 

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Key Time Stamps

[00:55] About James Braszell

[02:44] Why James became a shearer

[03:18] About the life and work of a shearer

[11:46] Shearing training

[13:37] Shearers have strong backs

[15:07] How to handle a sheep during shearing

[17:46] Animal welfare of shearing

[20:18] The fascination of working in the shearing shed

[21:21] How long does it take to shear one sheep

[22:20] About James Braszell’s photography

[23:45] How are people responding to shearing shed photos?

[26:12] The story behind the image

[28:55] How to take good photos in the shearing shed?

[30:27] James is visiting more shearing sheds



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