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#058: Chantel McAlister tells the truth about wool

Chantel McAlister Truth about Wool Tour at Wool Academy Podcast

Chantel McAlister is Australia’s only masterclasser and professional photographer. The fusion of her two careers has been the inspiration behind her national campaign, The Truth About Wool. In this episode, Chantel talks about her career in the wool industry, her love for wool, sheep, growers and photography and how she came up with the idea for her campaign.

About Chantel McAlister

Growing up in Brisbane, Chantel fell in love with a country boy and moved to his family’s sheep property in her early twenties. Her affinity with animals and love affair with country life, soon found her throwing herself into a career in the woolsheds.

Her daily life in the woolsheds was always documented through her camera and Chantel soon turned her happy snapping hobby into a second profession in 2013. An advocate for the wool industry, her images provide an intimate look into to the shearing and wool industry.

Chantel launched her Truth About Wool Campaign in 2015 to dispel any misconceptions about the wool industry and has now grown the campaign into a national tour. Chantel will continue touring Australia part time photographing the wool industry and telling stories of those who dedicate their lives to it throughout 2018 and 2019.

Connect with Chantel McAlister here:

Visit the website of Chantel McAlister

Have a look at the Truth About Wool Tour

Chantel’s Instagram account

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Key Time Stamps

[spp-timestamp time=”01:46″] About Chantel McAlister
[spp-timestamp time=”02:18″] About Wool handling and Wool classing
[spp-timestamp time=”04:36″] How to train as a wool classer
[spp-timestamp time=”06:07″] How to become a Master Classer
[spp-timestamp time=”07:40″] About Chantel the photographer
[spp-timestamp time=”09:59″] The Truth about wool campaign
[spp-timestamp time=”11:25″] How Chantel came up with the name of her tour
[spp-timestamp time=”14:19″] About the tour
[spp-timestamp time=”18:36″] Chantel’s most favorite moments of the tour
[spp-timestamp time=”20:32″] Chantel describes the style of her images
[spp-timestamp time=”23:55″] Reactions from wool growers about the tour
[spp-timestamp time=”26:51″] How is Chantel financing her tour?
[spp-timestamp time=”27:51″] Where you can buy Chantel’s images


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Elisabeth is the founder and host of the Wool Academy Podcast. She also runs her own consulting business where she supports wool industry businesses with strategic communications and project management.
Elisabeth used to work as the Secretary General for the International Wool Textile Organisation where she developed her passion for wool and the wool industry. Her previous education and work experience equipped her also with a broad set of communications skills.

Elisabeth vision is to see the wool industry thrive which is why she supports wool industry businesses communicate successfully.

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